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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Does Everyone Have The Same Dreams?


'Other Face of America' by Jorge Ramos. In The Other Face of America, Jorge Ramos, explores the important issue of Latino immigration. Using oral histories, he shows the human side of immigrants attempting to provide for their family and improve their quality of life. This is an important issue and what is needed is good solid reporting not one-sided opinions. Ramos seems too lazy to do the research. He simply threw together a number of essays written over the years and calls it a book. Thus, we hear no less than six times why the birth rate of Latino families is greater than American families. He cannot even be bothered to edit his work so he ends up repeating himself. It is unfortunate that this respected reporter has not taken the time and effort to explore, analyze, research, and evaluate the immigration issue. I rarely blog about books I don't like but I just had to on this one. Read for yourself…
'Substance of Style' by Virginia Postrel. I found this eBook smart, fun to read, and correct. She tells us that we have entered the "Age of Aesthetics," a time when beauty and style are to be found everywhere, at least for market economies. Every product, every place, and every experience now is supposed to offer a touch of the aesthetic. The reason is simple: increasingly wealthy and sophisticated customers demand "an enticing, stimulating, diverse, and beautiful world." Upon first hearing of Virginia Postrel's new project, I confess I was somewhat taken aback. After her fascinating analysis of political thought in The Future and Its Enemies, what was she doing writing about something as ephemeral as style? I therefore approached her new work with some trepidation, as I wasn't sure where she might take such an odd (to me) topic. I need not to have worried. Below is a Coupon Code for a Discount on these two eBook Titles.

The Other Face of America, eBook edition by Ramos, Jorge
Immigrants in America are at the heart of what makes this country the most prosperous and visionary in the world. Writing from his own heartfelt perspective as an immigrant, Jorge Ramos, one of the world's most popular and well-respected Spanis
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The Substance of Style, eBook edition by Postrel, Virginia
Whether it's sleek leather pants, a shiny new Apple computer, or a designer toaster, we make important decisions as consumers every day based on our sensory experience. Sensory appeals are everywhere, and they are intensifying, radically changing how Americans live and work. The twenty-first century has become the age of aesthetics, and whether we realize it or not, this influence has taken over the marketplace, and much more.
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